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STEPHEN ELLIS no. 6 of “10 Rising Actors Who Could Be The Next Big Thing” The Irish Times ranks A Reasonable Request one of the five funniest short films. -2019  “Brilliant performance by Stephen Ellis […]”-The Irish Times   ARID CUT directed by Rob Nilsson, featuring Stephen Ellis, Penny Werner, Nighttrain Schickele will premiere […]

Universal Picture’s “HAIL CAESAR!” Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles February 1, 2016 A REASONABLE REQUEST starring Stephen Ellis and John Ennis accepted into Sundance Film Festival 2016. –Variety   A REASONABLE REQUEST Cast and Crew on the Mountain Morning Show Park City, Utah. A REASONABLE REQUEST Wins “Best Comedy” at the Hollyshorts Film Festival […]

Different Words for the Same Thing Opening Night CTG/Kirk Douglas Theater May 2014

Kimber Lee’s Different Words for the Same Thing. Reviewed by Broadway World and LA WEEKLY. “The most amusing character is Oren (Stephen Ellis), the choir director, who wants to step down from his post because his impersonation of Jesus in the pageant is killing his dating prospects.” –LA TIMES     

Lincoln Center Theater’s LCT3 production of The Coward. Reviewed by The New York Times, Theater Mania, Variety and the NY Post.

Thinner Than Water

Melissa Ross’ Thinner Than Water. Reviewed by The New York Times, Variety and Theater Mania.


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