Stephen Ellis

Universal Picture’s “HAIL CAESAR!” Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles February 1, 2016

A REASONABLE REQUEST starring Stephen Ellis and John Ennis accepted into Sundance Film Festival 2016. –Variety


A REASONABLE REQUEST Cast and Crew on the Mountain Morning Show Park City, Utah.

A REASONABLE REQUEST Wins “Best Comedy” at the Hollyshorts Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA.


A REASONABLE REQUEST named no. 5 on “10 Most Intriguing Short Films of 2015” –

John Ennis (Mr. Show, Arrested Development) and Stephen Ellis (Hail Caesar!, Delivery Man) are both expert comedic performers. Comedy is as much in the timing as it is in the dialogue itself and both actors nail it here.” -Ivan Kander

 “Stephen Ellis absolutely sells the discomfort, desperation, self-loathing and anger that his character, Seth struggles to keep under control. Given that the film has a running time of approximately 9 minutes, Seth has a fair few issues to cover, while still staying on the topic posed by the premise.” –

DreamWorks Pictures premieres ‘Delivery Man’ at El Capitan, Hollywood (November 2013)

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